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Project Description
The SurveyHost.MVC project is a flexible online survey hosting website. Its main goals are the ability to make creating and hosting a professional online survey easy.

SurveyHost.MVC includes participant consent and validation, multiple measures, and exporting data to Excel.

SurveyHost.MVC is an MVC port of, which has reached its end of life. The goals of this port are to reproduce the features of SurveyHost but by using the new ASP.NET MVC framework. In other words, to make it smaller, more testable, and easier to maintain.

SurveyHost.MVC uses ASP.NET MVC Beta 1, ELMAH for logging and error handling, and SubSonic 3.0 Alpha A.


12.31.8 First checkin, and the project is published. I'm currently beating my head against SubSonic 3 issues. The basic structure of the website is here, but apart from the most basic features of the original (, its pretty much useless. I'll be spending time on this through the current week and hope to have all data layer CRUD operations set. Next on the list are moving over many of the support classes (such as addin loaders etc), updating/improving them, and figuring out how best to implement custom question rendering/answering in MVC.

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